Dental anxiety

Five tips to ease dental anxiety

Five tips to ease dental anxiety Does worry keep you awake at night before a dental visit? Maybe your nerves feel jittery in the waiting room? You might feel like your heart is pounding in the dental chair or you might even feel physically sick. These are all signs of dental anxiety. Our team at[…]

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards: 6 things to know

Mouth guards 101: Six things to know Spring has arrived in Charlotte, and that means spring youth sports are in full swing. Many adults also will find themselves outdoors participating in sports, too. Whether you are participating in organized sports or recreational fun on the weekends, a mouth guard is a wise investment to protect[…]

Clean toothbrush

Prevent Toothbrush Germs

6 Tips to Prevent Toothbrush Germs It’s been a brutal winter for flu, strep, stomach viruses and colds in the Charlotte area. Proper toothbrush care promotes good oral hygiene. To avoid the spread of germs, brush up on your toothbrush hygiene habits with these tips from Dr. Michael Gross at Inspiring Smiles Dentistry of Charlotte.[…]

sinus related tooth ache

Sinus Related Tooth Pain

5 questions to ask about sinus-related tooth pain Flowers are blooming and buds are popping up on trees. Spring has arrived. With spring’s arrival also comes that pesky, yellow dust called pollen. And, that pollen can  wreak havoc on the sinuses. Some sinus suffers experience pain in their teeth and head. The maxillary sinuses sit[…]

Treating Bad Breath

9 Tips to Avoid Bad Breath

9 Tips to Avoid Bad Breath February is the month of love and romance. Nothing can damper a spark like halitosis, the medical term for bad breath. Remember we all are victims of bad breath at times. If you suffer from chronic bad breath, don’t be embarrassed to talk to Dr. Gross at Inspiring Smiles.[…]

Improve your smile

7 Ways to Improve Your Smile

7 Ways to Improve Your Smile It’s a new year. Are you ready for a smile makeover? Your smile is one of the most important things you share with people each day. Having discolored or misaligned teeth can sometimes make a person self-conscious about smiling. Investing in improving your smile can give you confidence at[…]

healthy teeth and smile

Protect Your Teeth From Stains

Protect Your Teeth From Stains in 5 ways Do you start your morning with a cup of coffee or tea? According to a study by Harvard Public Health, more than 100 million people can’t get through the day without this morning (or sometimes all day) ritual. While drinking warm beverages might wake up your brain[…]

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